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About Us

PurseKeyper is the result of a mom of three girls who is a former teacher, home décor fabricator, over the top birthday cake baker, and craft maker extraordinaire, who was always coming up with inventions.  Some of them have been good ideas, but none have reached the level of PurseKeyper.

From the small town of Somerset, Kentucky, Sally and her eldest daugher, Dana, loved the idea PurseKeyper, a device that combined fashion and convenience doing everyday routines. Below are their bios:

Sally Robinson - After graduating from the University of Kentucky with a BA degree in elementary education, Sally married Bill Robinson whom she had known since she was four years old!  While teaching school and being a mother and a wife, Sally received her MA from Eastern Kentucky University.  Raising three daughters has everyday challenges with many ups and downs but one thing they all had in common was their love to shop!  With daughters you always have a full purse because you never know what they may need!  After having back surgery, watching purse thefts on the nightly news, and one too many grocery trips in the rain, Sally knew she had to find another means to carry a weighted down purse while shopping.  Finally, almost two years ago, Sally created PurseKeyper.  Sally’s goal was for PurseKeyper to be a family business with all three daughters involved.  Sally has always stressed the importance of love and togetherness in her family and this was another way for all of them to share their talents together while having fun doing it!

Dana Robinson - Dana is the oldest daughter who has two small children, a son age 11 and a daughter age 9.  Dana graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BBA in Marketing and has some of her best memories being a member of Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority.  After college, Dana had the opportunity to work for two of Kentucky’s Governors.  For one Governor, she served as liaison for constituency services and liaison to the Tourism Cabinet and during the second administration Dana worked for the Tourism Secretary and gained experience in event planning, marketing and advertising.  Dana enjoyed a brief move to Los Angeles as Woody Harrelson’s personal assistant followed by a move to New York City where she enjoyed working for years in Special Events at Macy’s Herald Square.  As a Special Events Manager for in-store promotions, Dana assisted many famous designers and multiple vendors to launch a wide variety of new products by partnering with national magazines, Broadway shows, celebrity personal appearances, musicians / artists and organized seasonal fashion shows.  Dana moved to Louisville, Kentucky right after 9/11/01 and is happy raising her children away from the hustle and bustle of NYC.