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"We carry these at the Kroger store I work at. I am store co-manager and I have large and small pouch. I keep all the items that I need on the sales floor in mmy large pouch. I attach it to my lanyard. It helps me keep track of all my work necesssities. Great product!!!!"  - Tammy MacTavish Williams

"I would just like to thank and praise the inventors of these wonderful products! The most important things we use on a daily basis which are our car keys and cellphone will never be misplaced again! I really like that the Pursekeyper can be used as a bracelet that it can attach to many things to secure your purse to keep it safe and clean! My favorite is the Phonekeyper it has a latch on it that can easily attach to the Pursekeyper . I attach my Phonekeyper to a metal ring on my purse so that my phone has easy access in retrieving and not having to dig for it all the while keeping it clean, secure and scratch free. I also like that they have many different designs and colors to choose from and really love the new collegiate designs that were created. I look forward to giving these as gifts this year!" - Samantha Byrd

"I've seen a ton of women with these and I'm in love. How great! Just off the top of my head I can think of 100 times I have needed this. We need these!!!: - Jamie Jones

"I have used this product for over 5 years and can't live without it! It was one of my top 5 things when my kids were little to hook onto their stroller or cart. Now I clip my keys onto my work bag and I know exactly were they are. The matching purse is perfect to carrry my phone, lipsick, credit card/cash. I used both everyday. Great product idea. I am sold!" - Melissa Gay

"I have used the PurseKeyper constantly for the last 4 years. It keeps my purse both safe and handy !! Having my purse on the handle of the shopping cart is convenient for keeping list and pen at the ready. The stroller is another place the PurseKeyper is essential !! I love the new U of L PhoneKeyper!!" - Nancy Nance

"My wife loves the PurseKeyper. I saw it and it was one of her stocking stuffers during Christmas. It keeps her purse off the ground at our kid's ballgames and keeps her purse sanitary at the grocery, etc. Well done." - Brien Shea